Whilst studying Art and Design level 3 in Cambridge Regional College. The Greater Cambridge Partnership presented the class a live brief about the project they were setting us. The project was to create a logo that visually supports the vision of what Cambridge Greenways is about.
Cambridge Greenways a system of multiple pathways that connect from Cambridge to outer cities to prevent traffic and make way for public walking, cyclists and horse riders. I wanted to match my logo with the ambition and environment friendly vision they have for Cambridge Greenways.  

Over 150 Logos were submitted which was later shortened to the final 6, where the public casted their votes for the winning the logo to be the brands face.
These were the other two logos I designed for submission. A bike with a sunset circle to provide opportunity and warmth for the viewer.
A tree man like figure with a pathway in between the legs to symbolise acceptance to taking a more environmental friendly route.
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