Video Intro. Artwork created in Photoshop, put together in motion on Vegas Pro 19
You can view all artwork I have done regarding CNQR in the "CNQR Thumbnails" and "CNQR Banners" Section.
CNQR better known as Conquer is a team I named and founded with friends back in 2021 on a newly released game on console called "Rust Console Edition". A bare bones survival game that has over 300,000 active players which is rising everyday.

I saw there was an opportunity that there was no team on the game that created content which is unique, so after making the team I created the YouTube channel "CNQR" which is growing rapidly every month with 5,000 Subscribers averaging over 30,000 views per video. I edit all the videos using Sony Vegas Pro 19, designed the logo, thumbnails and banner that is seen on the channel today.​​​​​​​

I took to TikTok shortly after in November time to post clips of me and the team playing the game and bragging about our skill. As time went on I researched into concepts of content that viewers like to see. The timing of the videos, the music used and how the videos were edited all played apart to gaining amazing traction to my page and sky rocketing my following which is currently at 43,000 followers with videos reaching between 50,000 to 600,000 views.
I later created a Discord server dedicated to the team that has over 600 active members that talk about the game and what we do for videos. This is the best way for us to engage with those who are a fan of what we do.
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